Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Protecting and Displaying Work

Happy New Year! This past year was an exciting one for me! I was able to start my new business all about two of my favorite things: art and children. Some of you are compiling quite a beautiful collection of art work and may be wondering what to do with it all! Several of my students get three ring binders. Clear, plastic covers can hold the art work without having to punch holes in the sides. Most of the projects (though not all) will fit perfectly in this format. Later, you can choose which projects to frame or use as gifts. The projects will usually fit into standard size frames. Framing your child's work makes it really look amazing, as well as showing your child that you truly value their work. One thing I have a lot of fun with is "publishing" work. If you can take digital pictures of your child's work, you can turn their images into a wide variety of things such as cards, calendars books, etc. There are many photo publishing companies online. My personal favorite is Shutterfly.