Thursday, April 29, 2010

3D Board Game Creation

Well, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  The most requests came in for making board games this summer.  I can't tell you how much fun this is!  Truly one of my all time favorite classes.  This stretches the students' creativity and problem solving in a completely fun, encouraging, and collaborative environment.  I give each student dice, a strong game board template, and cards if they want to incorporate them.  Then we brainstorm themes and each student can choose his or her favorite.  I help each student manage the project to match his or her age and ability.  We use polymer clay to create the game pieces.  Then we design the board game, creating a world out of clay.  For example, if a student chose an underwater theme, the game pieces might be fish, and she might add a 3D coral, an underwater castle, an octopus, etc. (those who know me know I love anything to do with the ocean!)  If your child has done this before, all the better!  They are bound to have much more fun now that the concept has really sunk in.  Repetition can teach so much in art as in so many things.

Classes will be on Mondays, June 7 through July 12 (6 weeks).  There will be a 1:00 class for sure, but you can come ANY TIME on Mondays as long as you set up a class with me ahead of time.  Just pay for the days you can make it.  Come any time.  I will send supplies home with unfinished projects.